The Power of Choice: Your Impact with Happy Grocers' Organic Eggs

The Power of Choice: Your Impact with Happy Grocers' Organic Eggs

Oct 09, 2023Moh Suthasiny

"When it comes to nourishing ourselves, we're ultimately casting a vote for our personal health, the community, and the planet at large," asserts Amnart Reansoi, our esteemed partner and a pioneering force in organic chicken and egg farming. At Happy Grocers, these aren't just words; they define our core philosophy. We're meticulously committed to sustainability, food safety, and fostering a resilient network of local farmers across Thailand.

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Elevating Small-Scale, Sustainable Farming

Since late 2020, we've been honored to partner with Tankun Farm, strategically located in the lush landscapes of Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi. Led by Khun Amnart, a veteran with over a decade of experience in sustainable poultry farming across Thailand and China, the farm serves as an educational cornerstone for us. The partnership underscores our commitment to not just filling our shelves but enriching our knowledge base and, by extension, the community.

Power to the People: Choice Matters

In today's world, large egg factories with massive production capabilities have made "safe to eat" eggs readily available. But who are we empowering with our choices—industrial giants or the hardworking local farmers? At Happy Grocers, we believe the decision should be yours.


The Ripple Effect: Your Purchase Matters

Every organic egg you buy from Happy Grocers is a testament to a complex yet profoundly impactful supply chain. We currently collaborate with smallholder farms in Suphanburi and Kanchanaburi, where Khun Amnart mentors local farmers, inspects facilities, and connects them to broader markets. Your demand for these eggs enables us to expand this transformative model, which simultaneously elevates community livelihoods and protects the local ecosystem.


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Feed Matters: Ensuring Organic Quality

Khun Amnart has devised a strict, yet flexible, feed regimen for his poultry. Comprising organic rice, crab shells, and corn, the feed is sourced from farms that either contribute to forest conservation or actively participate in reforestation efforts. The farmers in our network adhere to specific guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of the chickens, ranging from space considerations to the quality of animal feed, which is composed of organic byproducts like rice husk and bran.

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The Realities of Ethical Farming

While our focus on sustainability enhances the quality of our eggs, it also introduces variables that industrial farming can often control. Factors like feed composition and Thailand’s fluctuating temperatures can affect the color consistency of the yolks and the strength of the shells. But we embrace these natural variances—they're the markings of a product that respects nature’s course.

Organic eggs

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Freshness, Guaranteed

Because we partner with multiple small farms, gathering enough eggs to meet demand can take up to seven days. Despite this, our freshness guarantee ensures you get the highest-quality eggs—generally sold within 5-6 days upon arrival in Bangkok. We also qarantee the freshness with our 100% refund policy.

Organic Egg vs. Commercial Egg

A Holistic Approach

Choosing organic products from Happy Grocers may not deliver industrial perfection, but it supports a balanced ecosystem, robust local communities, and allows you to consume food that is as nature intended. We're committed to bridging the gap between rural farms and urban consumers while keeping your wellbeing at the forefront.

So next time you make a food choice, remember to ask, "What impact am I making?"

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Together, let's build a more sustainable and healthier future for everyone in Thailand—and for generations to come.