Eat with the Seasonal Calendar: A Sustainable Guide

Eat with the Seasonal Calendar: A Sustainable Guide

Sep 18, 2023Moh Suthasiny

Sawaddee ka, Food Lovers! 🥭🌾

Do you remember the taste of mangoes during Thai summer festivals, or the aroma of freshly harvested jasmine rice during the rainy season? There's a certain magic when we enjoy foods in their prime time, as nature intended!

Why Befriend Seasonal Produce?🌿

  1. It's Packed with Goodness! – When you bite into a fruit or veggie that's in season, you're not just getting amazing taste, you're also munching on peak nutrition. It's nature's multivitamin!
  2. Do Mother Earth a Favor – By choosing what's seasonally and locally available, we cut down on those big transport trucks zooming across countries, which is a big win for our planet.
  3. Shoutout to Local Heroes – Our local farmers work day in and day out, and buying seasonal is like giving them a high five. Plus, we ensure that diverse crops are grown, which is great for the soil and the environment.

To guide you through this delicious journey of nature's bounty, we've crafted a special Seasonal Calendar just for you. Dive in to discover when your favorite Thai produce is at its peak and let's celebrate the rhythmic dance of nature together. Click below and embark on a flavorful voyage through the seasons of Thailand!

Decoding Our Store Labels🌱

— to help you navigate our seasonal calendar

  • EU & USDA Organic Certified – Think of these as gold standards in the organic world. They follow some pretty strict rules to ensure you get the best.
  • Canada Organic Certified – Yep, our Canadian friends also have strict standards to make sure everything's clean and green.
  • PGS Organic Certified – This is more of a community-driven thing. It's about trust, local networks, and a shared passion for organic goodness.
  • Regenerative & Pesticide-free Farms – These farms are like the superheroes of agriculture. They're either rejuvenating the soil or saying a big "no thanks" to chemicals.
  • Hydroponics – Imagine plants chilling in a spa! They grow in water, absorbing all the minerals they need. And the coolest part? No pesticides involved.
  • No Label – With millions of traditional farmers in Thailand, some don't have those shiny labels yet. But here's the thing: we're passionately working with them on their journey towards regenerative farming. With innovations like biochar, we're helping them transition, step by step.

Guess what? We've managed to source over 100 organic certified goodies from all over Thailand, and it’s all for you! Our dream? To be that friendly neighborhood grocer you can always trust.

Stay tuned for our biggest farm trips in December!🗓️

Join us this December at our farms in places like Chiangmai, Sisaket, and Kanchanaburi! It's our way of showing you how much love and care goes into every bite you take.

Remember that labels and certifications are fantastic. But the heart of the matter? Trust. Knowing where your food comes from and who grows it is like food for the soul. Whether it's from Happy Grocers or anyone else. Eating food from people you can trust is key!🔑