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Wagyu Ground Beef • 500g

370.00 ฿

Discover the sumptuous taste of our Thai Wagyu ground beef, a testament to high-quality, naturally-raised meat from farms rooted in ethical principles. Dive into a ground beef experience that’s untouched by antibiotics, beta-agonists, or growth hormones, showcasing the authentic, pure flavors nature intended.

What sets our beef apart?

  • Sustainably Nourished: Our cattle feast on a diet rich in high-fiber grasses and agricultural byproducts, playing our part in reducing food waste and championing sustainable agricultural methods.
  • Fermented Supplement Feed: Inspired by age-old traditions, we enrich our beef's aroma and succulence using specialized fermented supplements.
  • Stage-Specific Feeding: Ensuring holistic growth, we customize the cattle feed according to their growth stage, prioritizing their organic well-being.


Cooking Recommendations: Unlock the potential of our ground beef with its innate marbling. Perfect for slow-cooking delights, envision it in a smoky BBQ setting, as the hero of your pot roast, or simmering in a hearty beef stew. Every bite promises tender, flavorful meat that satisfies every palate.

Delivery & Quality Assurance:

  • Freshness Locked In: Your order reaches you frozen, sealing in the peak freshness and unparalleled quality of our beef.
  • Image Disclaimer: Though our product images aim to be accurate, meat cuts naturally vary. But worry not, our commitment to consistent quality and taste never wavers.

Choose our Thai Wagyu ground beef, and embrace an unparalleled beef experience, every single time.