Embracing Sustainability, Shaping the Future

At Happy Grocers, sustainability is not an afterthought - it's ingrained in every facet of our business. Our mission goes beyond providing you with quality food products; it's about championing a sustainable food system that respects the environment, supports farmers, and empowers communities.

Locally Sourced & Seasonal Delights

We prioritize locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, reducing our carbon footprint while supporting local economies. By encouraging seasonal consumption, we celebrate the natural rhythm of the Earth, promote biodiversity, and provide you with the freshest, most nutritious products.

Organic and Fair Trade

We advocate for organic farming, acknowledging its crucial role in sustaining soil health and biodiversity. By sourcing majority organic products and practicing fair trade, we ensure farmers are fairly compensated, encouraging the transition to sustainable farming practices.

Transparency is key 

At Happy Grocers, we believe in transparency and authenticity. We’re committed to providing our customers with clear, accurate information about our products. This is why we categorize our products according to the following standards:

  • EU & USDA Organic Certified – Think of these as gold standards in the organic world. They follow some pretty strict rules to ensure you get the best.
  • Canada Organic Certified – Yep, our Canadian friends also have strict standards to make sure everything's clean and green.
  • PGS Organic Certified – This is more of a community-driven thing. It's about trust, local networks, and a shared passion for organic goodness.
  • Regenerative & Pesticide-free Farms – These farms are like the superheroes of agriculture. They're either rejuvenating the soil or saying a big "no thanks" to chemicals.
  • Hydroponics – Imagine plants chilling in a spa! They grow in water, absorbing all the minerals they need. And the coolest part? No pesticides involved.
  • No Label – With millions of traditional farmers in Thailand, some don't have those shiny labels yet. But here's the thing: we're passionately working with them on their journey towards regenerative farming. With innovations like biochar, we're helping them transition, step by step.

Guess what? We've managed to source over 100 organic certified goodies from all over Thailand, and it’s all for you! Our dream? To be that friendly neighborhood grocer you can always trust.

    Eco-Friendly Packaging & Recycling Program

    Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. We use banana leaf, paper bags, boxes, and glass jars, all of which are eco-friendly and minimize our environmental impact. Through our recycling program, customers can return packaging, fostering a circular economy. Any plastics we receive are repurposed into roads by our partners, reinforcing our zero-waste approach.

    Investing in Sustainable Agriculture

    A significant portion of our profits goes into supporting farmers transitioning to sustainable agriculture. This helps conventional farmers confidently shift to organic practices, knowing there's a consistent demand for their products. We are not just a grocery store; we are a catalyst for change, fueling the sustainable food movement.

    Success Stories - Transforming Lives, Protecting the Environment

    Our sustainable practices have led to tangible success stories that drive us forward:

    Organic farmers have expanded their production, accessing larger markets through our platform

    • Conventional farmers have shifted to organic practices, buoyed by the promise of consistent demand

    • Monoculture corn farmers have transitioned to organic farming, mitigating harmful burning practices and allowing reforestation

    • Farmers previously troubled by conflicts with elephants have converted their farms into medicinal herb sanctuaries, restoring harmony with wildlife

    Join the Happy Grocers Sustainability Movement✊🌏

    We invite you to join us in our journey towards a sustainable future. With every product you buy from Happy Grocers, you are part of an empowering narrative - a story of respect for our planet, support for local communities, and a commitment to sustainable living.

    Together, we can redefine our food systems and make a lasting impact. Stand with us. Stand with Happy Grocers, where every choice contributes to a healthier, more sustainable world💚


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