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Wagyu Beef Brisket • 200g

150.00 ฿

Experience the delight of savoring naturally-raised, high-quality beef from our ethically managed farms. Our unique Thai Wagyu beef is free from antibiotics, beta-agonists, and growth hormones, delivering the purest flavors nature has to offer.

Nourished with high-fiber grasses and agricultural byproducts, we responsibly reduce food waste and foster sustainable practices. Furthermore, we utilize specialized fermented supplements, enhancing the natural aroma and juiciness of our beef, bringing age-old traditions to your dinner table. We carefully adjust the feed based on the growth stage of the cattle, supporting their organic development. 

Tips: The marbling in our Wagyu Brisket makes it perfect for slow cooking or smoking. It could be your star ingredient in a classic BBQ, a slow-cooked pot roast, or even braised for a tantalizing beef stew. The result is always tender, flavorful meat that falls apart effortlessly.

Note: Your order will be delivered frozen, preserving the freshness and quality of the meat.

*Please note that while our product images are representative, due to the natural variation in meat cuts, the item you receive may not exactly match the image. Rest assured, quality and taste remain consistent across all our products.