Happy Grocers Bangkok

Papaya • 1 Piece (~960g)

110.00 ฿

Succulent, vibrant, and bursting with tropical flavors, our seasonal papaya is a testament to nature's bounty. This sweet and juicy fruit, with its buttery texture and unique musky undertone, is more than just a treat for the palate—it's a nutritional powerhouse. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A, and folate, papaya is a natural immune booster and aids in maintaining healthy skin. The enzyme papain, found abundantly in papaya, aids digestion and acts as a natural detoxifier.

For an indulgent experience, simply slice and enjoy it fresh, or blend it into smoothies for a tropical kick. Papaya also shines when added to salads, paired with creamy avocados, or as the star of a spicy papaya salad.

Storage Tips: keep unripe papayas at room temperature until they achieve a yellow-orange hue. Once ripened, refrigerate to prolong freshness.