Uncle Wit

Organic Coconut • Single

60.00 ฿

Uncle Wit's Organic Forest-Farmed Coconuts: Sustainable, Ethical, and Delicious

EU, IFOAM, Canada Organic Certified

Enjoy the tropical taste of our fresh Coconuts. Coconuts are a rich source of manganese, iron, and fiber. They offer hydration benefits, and the flesh provides healthy fats. These nourishing tropical gems are more than just a healthy treat—they are a symbol of our commitment to sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and fair trade practices.

Understanding the Natural Browning of Coconuts - 

Ever wondered why coconuts turn brown? Just like apples, potatoes, and many other fruits and vegetables, coconuts can naturally oxidize when exposed to air. This oxidation process is a completely natural phenomenon and leads to the brown coloration you may notice on your organic coconut.

It's important to note that this browning is not a sign of decay or poor quality; in fact, it's quite the opposite. The browning process is a clear indicator of a truly natural, chemical-free product. Coconuts treated with chemicals or artificial preservatives tend to retain a consistent color, whereas our organic coconuts, free from any artificial additives, showcase their natural, unaltered state through the browning process.

Storage Tips: Whole, fresh coconuts can be stored at room temperature for up to four weeks. Once cut open, store in the refrigerator and consume within one to two weeks.