Left Hand Roasters

Khun Sinthop Black Honey Coffee: Single Origin • 200g

353.00 ฿

Relish the superior taste and uplifting story of our Khun Sinthop Beans. Sourced from the coffee-producing Ahka community in Mae Chan Tai, Chiang Rai, these beans reflect the hard work and dedication of Khun Sinthop, a visionary who seeks to foster sustainable livelihoods through quality coffee. The unique geography of Mae Chan Tai at 1350-1500 meters elevation lends our Arabica beans their distinguished flavor profile, teasing notes of ripe plum, subtle jasmine, cinnamon, and an oolong tea body from our light-roast process.

Brew these black honey processed beans using a Hario V60 Filter or a similar pour-over method. With a brewing ratio of 1:14, water temperature at 93°C, and a brew time of 2:30, each 200g (7oz) bag of our whole bean coffee promises a transformative experience. 

Our Story

Left Hand Roasters was born from a gift of Thai Arabica beans in 2005, our journey began in the lush jungles of Northern Thailand. Our passion for traditional roasting methods evolved into a commitment to empower local farmers, promote sustainable practices, and showcase Thailand's untapped coffee potential. Experience our exceptional coffee, transformed by handmade roasters to unveil intricate flavors. With Left Hand Roasters, you're not just buying coffee, but contributing to a story of empowerment, sustainability, and exceptional taste.