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Fresh Whole Milk (Raw) • 500ml

60.00 ฿

Immerse yourself in the natural goodness of our Cooperative's Raw Cow Milk, directly sourced from the verdant landscapes cultivated by Thai farmers. This milk is a celebration of purity and tradition, crafted with meticulous care to meet our cooperative's exacting standards, ensuring a product that captures the essence of Thailand's rural bounty. For those in search of an unadulterated dairy experience, our raw milk offers an authentic taste, untouched and unprocessed.

Our Raw Cow Milk is the fruit of a pioneering nutritional program for Thai dairy cows, focusing on a diet rich in diversity and balance. These cows graze on vibrant pastures, receiving a foundation of essential nutrients, supplemented with a variety of crop products like corn and cassava for energy. Further enriched with eco-friendly agricultural by-products such as rice husks, pineapple peels, and sugarcane tops, our feeding practices not only uphold environmental sustainability but also enhance the nutritional value of our milk. This approach supports the health of our cows and the ecological integrity of dairy farming in Thailand, ensuring our milk is abundant in natural fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Brimming with vital nutrients, including calcium, protein, and essential vitamins, our Raw Cow Milk is a cornerstone for bone health and vitality. Its versatility shines through when enjoyed as a refreshing beverage, blended into smoothies, or used as a base in your favorite recipes, offering a touch of wholesomeness to every use.

Choosing our raw milk connects you with the dedicated Thai farmers who nurture and harvest it, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and fair food systems that benefit rural communities.

Storage Tips: For the freshest experience, we recommend consuming our Raw Cow Milk within two days of receipt. To extend its freshness, consider gentle pasteurization at home if desired. Store the milk in a cool, refrigerated environment, ensuring it's tightly sealed to maintain its quality and freshness.

Quality Assurance: In its natural state, our milk reflects our commitment to providing a pure, high-quality product. If you encounter any issues with the milk's taste or smell upon receipt, we offer a full refund or replacement, guaranteeing your satisfaction and trust in our offerings.