Left Hand Roasters

Espresso: Community Blend • 200g

291.00 ฿

Enjoy the taste of unity and quality with our Community Blend (Espresso), a medium-dark roasted espresso blend curated in collaboration with our village project in Huay Hom, Mae la Noi, and Khun Sinthop. This 100% Thai coffee blend draws its unique characteristics from the combined locales of Huay Hom, Mae La Noi, and Mae Chan Tai, Chiang Rai, thriving at altitudes of 1100 - 1300 meters.

Producers Khun Sinthop and Khun Leb have passionately crafted this blend through a mix of washed and peaberry processes, offering an espresso blend profile. You'll savor the layered complexity of dark chocolate, aromatic baking spices, and a twist of lemon with every sip.

Ideal for espresso extractions or immersion techniques like French Press or Clever Dripper, each 200g (7oz) bag of our whole bean coffee brings you closer to the heart of Thai coffee communities. Experience the rich, bold flavors of our Community Blend (Espresso) while contributing to the sustainable future of Thai coffee farmers.

Our Story

Left Hand Roasters was born from a gift of Thai Arabica beans in 2005, our journey began in the lush jungles of Northern Thailand. Our passion for traditional roasting methods evolved into a commitment to empower local farmers, promote sustainable practices, and showcase Thailand's untapped coffee potential. Experience our exceptional coffee, transformed by handmade roasters to unveil intricate flavors. With Left Hand Roasters, you're not just buying coffee, but contributing to a story of empowerment, sustainability, and exceptional taste.