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Low Sodium Bacon • 500g

320.00 ฿

Experience the superior quality and natural flavor of our Antibiotic-Free Pork. Our pork comes from pigs raised without the use of antibiotics, beta-agonists, or hormones, ensuring that you're consuming meat that is both clean and ethically raised.

Savor the authentic taste of pork that hasn't been artificially modified with beta-agonists to create a false red hue, or hormones to unnaturally speed up growth. Our pigs are nurtured in stress-free environments, allowing them to grow naturally and yielding meat that is both nutritious and full of flavor.

Tips: Bacon is a versatile ingredient that can be used in countless recipes. Fry it up for a classic breakfast side, crumble it over salads or baked potatoes for added crunch, or wrap it around other meats to add flavor and keep them moist during cooking. Bacon can also be a key ingredient in pasta dishes like spaghetti carbonara or used to add a smoky flavor to soups and stews.

Note: We deliver our pork frozen to maintain freshness from our farms to your table. To ensure optimal taste and texture, we recommend defrosting the pork in your refrigerator overnight before preparing it. This careful approach helps maintain the meat's integrity and results in a superior taste that is sure to impress.

*Please note that while our product images are representative, due to the natural variation in meat cuts, the item you receive may not exactly match the image. Rest assured, quality and taste remain consistent across all our products.