These Gen-z female founders are protecting Thailand’s forest, internationally

These Gen-z female founders are protecting Thailand’s forest, internationally

Jul 22, 2023Moh Suthasiny

Started in the School of Global Studies in Bangkok, to an internship with MIT in the middle of an organic farm in Sisaket, to co-founding a company together from our family’s garage and redefining Thailand’s food system out of the pandemic, to making it on Forbes 30 Under 30, and now expanding our startup to Europe, me and Pearl have been through a lot together.

Pearl(left) and Moh(right) on our quest to leverage food supply-chain for sustainable development

After having been friends for 8 years and leading a company together for 3 years, we are so thrilled to share how we are utilizing social entrepreneurship to save Thailand’s forest. Most importantly, how we created an ecosystem for people around the world to be a part of this movement.

Here is our story.

Happy Ground — the mother company

In 2020, we founded “Happy Ground” with a commitment to facilitate the coexistence of humans, wildlife, and the forest through a sustainable food supply-chain. Our brands, Happy Grocers” and Chaiyo”, exemplify our dedication to environmental stewardship, community empowerment, and fair trade.

With Happy Ground, every choice you make becomes a meaningful step towards a future where harmony and sustainability thrive.

Happy Grocers

At Happy Grocers, we are proud to support various types of farmers who play a vital role in our sustainable food supply-chain through our online grocery delivery service.

Pearl(left) and Moh(Right) with Happy Grocers delivery boxes and grocery truck

Inclusivity is our priority as we connect rural organic farmers from the hill tribe and indigenous communities to urban consumers, in order to promote decentralization of economic development.

We work closely with villagers living in national park areas, empowering them to shift from harmful practices to organic agriculture. By supporting these local communities, we contribute to the preservation of the natural habitats and ensure a healthier ecosystem for all.

Additionally, we partner with organic farmers who have transitioned from slash-and-burn farming, practicing sustainable cultivation methods. These farmers also participate in the carbon credit program, growing trees for reforestation efforts, and mitigating the environmental impact of their agricultural activities.

With Happy Grocers, you not only enjoy high-quality home delivery products and services, but also directly support farmers who are making a positive change through our and our grocery truck.


Experience the taste of nature’s goodness with Chaiyo, our sustainable coconut water brand.

Auntie Nui and Uncle Wit, our coconut farmers, with Chaiyo coconut water

We guarantee that no monkeys are involved in our coconut supply-chain, providing you with peace of mind as you savor the refreshing taste of our coconut water.

Through our commitment to funding research and conservation efforts, we ensure that our coconut water is not just refreshing but also a catalyst for change. By choosing Chaiyo, you become a guardian of the forest, actively contributing to wildlife conservation and empowering local communities.

Our mission is to make Chaiyo accessible world-wide while minimizing our impact throughout the value-chain as much as possible. From sourcing from sustainable origins, production process, shipping method, to offsetting our impact through Happy Grocers.

Every sip of Chaiyo is an opportunity to protect the forest, preserve biodiversity, promote responsible sourcing, and supporting fair trade.

Happy Ground is more than a company — it is a catalyst for positive change. With Happy Grocers, we empower local communities, support organic farmers, and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Through Chaiyo, we guarantee an ethical and responsible coconut supply-chain, ensuring fair compensation for farmers and promoting sustainable practices for wildlife conservation purposes.

Together, let’s embark on a journey of coexistence, sustainability, fair trade, and positive impact — from anywhere in the world.

Happy Ground founders with hill tribe farmers in Chiangmai, Thailand


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