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From Farm to Fine Dining: A Day of Adventure with Chef Tam and Chef Jordy

Nov 20, 2023Moh Suthasiny

At Happy Grocers, we recently had the honor of hosting two culinary maestros from the prestigious 50 Best Restaurants list: Chef Tam of Baan Thepa, Bangkok, and Chef Jordy of Toyo Eatery, Manila. Their visit to our organic coconut farm in Nakhonpathom was more than just a trip; it was a celebration of sustainability, culinary excellence, and the journey of food from farm to table.

Baan Thepa Toyo Eatery Farm Trip
Ya Chu Organic Farm

A Day of Organic Exploration

Despite the rain, the spirit of adventure was alive as Chef Tam, Chef Jordy, and their teams joined us in exploring the lush greenery of our farms. At the heart of this excursion were Uncle Wit's organic coconut farm and Pee Chu's Ya Chu Organic Farm. Their expertise in Thai heritage herbs and a variety of organic vegetables provided a rich, educational experience for everyone involved.

The chefs delved deep into the flavors of organic coconuts and sampled an array of Thai herbs and vegetables, gaining insights into the ingredients that often grace their exquisite dishes. This full-day adventure was not just about discovery; it was a shared journey in understanding the roots of sustainable culinary practices.

Organic Thai Herbs Vegetables

Baan Thepa Toyo Eatery Farm Trip

A Collaboration Dinner to Remember

Following the farm visit, the Happy Grocers team was privileged to attend a collaboration dinner at Baan Thepa. This unique meal, inspired by the farm trip, was a fusion of Thai and Filipino flavors, showcasing the chefs' commitment to incorporating local and sustainable ingredients in their culinary creations.

Baan Thepa Toyo Eatery Mitchelin Star Fine Dining

In Conversation with the Chefs

A highlight of the visit was when Moh from our team asked Chefs Tam and Jordy about the challenges of maintaining sustainability in their restaurants. Chef Jordy emphasized that sourcing sustainably grown ingredients is just the beginning. He pointed out the complexities of the restaurant business and the need for collective effort in achieving sustainability while ensuring economic viability. He also discussed the challenges of eco-packaging and its scalability for restaurants.

Chef Tam added her perspective on the concept of "zero waste." She stressed that while striving for zero waste is commendable, it's often an unrealistic goal for restaurants. The key, she believes, is in acknowledging current limitations and working progressively towards greater sustainability.

Baan Thepa Toyo Eatery Farm Trip

From Farm to Restaurant: A Journey of Love and Care

This visit wasn't just an exchange of knowledge; it was an embodiment of the journey food takes from the farm to the restaurant. Every step of this journey is infused with love and care, a testament to the dedication of farmers, chefs, and everyone in between who values sustainable practices.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Guests

We at Happy Grocers are immensely grateful to Chef Tam and Chef Jordy for taking the time to visit our farm. Their insights and passion for sustainability have been inspiring, not just for our team but for the broader community that follows our journey.

As we reflect on this memorable experience, we're reminded of the importance of connecting with the sources of our food and the impact of sustainable practices in the culinary world. Thank you, Chef Tam and Chef Jordy, for your invaluable contributions and for being a part of our journey at Happy Grocers.

Baan Thepa on Tour