Ricotta Affumicata Tejo-Matura - Buffalo • 1 Piece

215.00 ฿

Delight in the captivating fusion of flavors with our Ricotta Affumicata Tejo-Matura, an artisanal Thai cheese that's a testament to local expertise and commitment to quality. This creation is the brainchild of our master cheese maker, Jartisann, who skillfully combines the creaminess of buffalo milk with the bold spiciness of chili peppers and the sweetness of raisins, crafting a semi-soft cheese that's truly a class of its own.

Every morsel of our Ricotta Affumicata Tejo-Matura opens up a symphony of taste. The mild, creamy buffalo milk base is beautifully contrasted by the heat of chili peppers and the subtle sweetness of raisins. The cheese undergoes a careful smoking process, lending it a light smoky flavor that adds depth and complexity.

Perfect for adding a flavorful punch to your sandwiches, pizzas, or savored solo on a cheese board, our Ricotta Affumicata Tejo-Matura offers a culinary experience like no other. Made with Thai buffalo milk and passionately crafted by our dedicated cheese maker, this cheese proudly represents the richness of our local dairy industry.

Storage Tips: Simply keep it in a fridge and it will maintain its quality for 1.5 weeks, allowing you enough time to enjoy its full-bodied flavor and creamy texture.

Our story
Discover the rich, complex flavors of our locally made artisan Thai cheese, crafted with devotion and respect for Thai traditions. Khun Sae, our dedicated cheesemaker, has spent over 15 years mastering the art of cheese production, relying on his own research, countless trials, and expert advice from global cheese masters. This has resulted in a product that truly celebrates Thailand's resources and wisdom.

Each of our cheese varieties hails from local Thai cow, buffalo, and goat milk, highlighting the bounty and richness of our land. By focusing on locally sourced ingredients, we not only uplift the value of our local Thai livestock, but we also significantly reduce the environmental impact linked to the export/import of foreign cheeses.

But the emphasis on locality doesn't compromise our standard of quality. Our cheeses stand tall, meeting the highest international standards while still retaining a distinctly Thai character. The meticulous process involves raw material selection, knowledge of production, tool design, and various equipment — each detail echoing the heart of Thai craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the authenticity and passion of Khun Sae's Thai cheese, a symbol of our heritage, our commitment to sustainability, and a testament to the power of Thai wisdom.