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Organic Baby Carrot • 200g

80.00 ฿ 100.00 ฿

Crisp, sweet, and vibrant, our Sun-Kissed Baby Carrots are a delightful treat for all ages. Cultivated with care in nutrient-rich soil, each petite carrot is a testament to nature's wonder. Not only are they an appealing snack right out of the bag, but their delicate flavor also enhances any dish they grace. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these little wonders support vision, boost immunity, and foster healthy skin. Perfect for snacking, cooking, or adding a crunch to your salads. Experience nature's candy, brimming with both health and flavor!

Storage Tips: To retain their freshness, store the baby carrots in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator in their original packaging. For extended freshness, consider placing them in a container with a small amount of water at the bottom, ensuring they stay hydrated. Always seal the container and check the water level regularly.